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Street art according to MOG

Marika – MOG – Gysbers is a French artist, originally from Pau. Two of her works can be seen in the streets of Montauban.

The artist uses a process called VIVRATION® for his murals. It is a process of color vibration that combines spray paint and variable LED lighting.

For his works, MOG is inspired by portraits of iconic figures. In Montauban, it is two female figures, Olympe de Gouges and the painting The Source by Ingres.


MOG, 2018

Located in front of the Olympe de Gouges theater – 4 place Lefranc de Pompignan – the artist pays here a beautiful tribute to Olympe de Gouges, famous Montalbanaise, author in particular of the Declaration of the Rights of Women and Citizens. This feminist before her time continues to inspire history, nearly three centuries after her death.

The fact that this portrait is located in front of the theater that bears her name is of course a strong symbol that proves the importance of Olympe in the Montalbanais heritage.

The Source

MOG, 2020

Rue de l’Union Compagnonnique, in Montauban.

For his second creation in the pinkest of pink cities, MOG took his inspiration from one of Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres’ most famous works, The Source, 1820-1856, which is on view at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris. The original painting depicts a nude woman holding a jar pouring water in her hands.

This work has already inspired other street artists (like Invaders for example) but MOG once again comes to bring his full color palette to a monumental work, which spans an entire building.