Parks & gardens

Montauban boasts a number of "green and pleasant" outdoor spaces. These parks and gardens lure you in with their natural beauty. Relax and take it in.

There are any number of places to spread out a picnic on the grass, read quietly or sneak in a little nap under a shady tree.

Le Cours Foucault, the oldest public park in Montauban bears the name of its founder. It is steeped in history and brings together the city's administrators and artists. It is also the meeting point for the city's big outdoor events like the marathon and the famous "fête des 400 coups".

Not far from here, the botanical garden offers visitors the chance to stroll through 3 hectares of tree-lined parkland. In the summer it becomes an outdoor theatre for the festival, "Montauban en Scènes". You can also opt for the "Jardin de Simple", a herb garden hidden within the Carmes Cloister. Take the time to meditate on the maxims written on the gallery walls.

The jardin de l’évêché (the bishop's garden) just next to the Montauriol park has lots to offer the weary visitor. Shady and discreet it is a haven of peace on the outskirts of town.

In the parc du Treil, you will have a birds-eye view of the "ile de la Pissotte" on Tarn River. Here nesting in the trees are flocks of white herons who have made this island their home.

Places to walk, outdoor cultural venues, squares and parks --- Montauban is full of natural and man-made beauty spots nearly all of which are open to the public.