Along with the famous Ingres Museum, one of the city's a major attractions, Montauban has several other museums with equally rich and varied collectio

These include the Victor Brun Natural History Museum, which is comprised of a number of rooms where wild animals, exotic birds, meteorites, minerals and fossils cohabit.

Thanks to its generous donors, the Resistance and Veterans Museum is open to the public. It has become a vehicle to help understand various historical aspects of the two World Wars.

The Journeymen Museum (musée des Compagnons des devoirs unis) displays some eighty masterpieces. Combining tradition and modernity, it retraces the history of the skilled craftsman.

The fantasy world of a child fifty years ago has today become a reality. The Toy Museum (musée des jouets) has opened its doors with more than two hundred objects. It is here that  Barbie rubs shoulders with Meccano Sets from another era. A delight for young and old alike!

And finally the most unusual museum of all, the tiniest one in France that fits inside a suitcase!

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