Young audience news at the MIB

All for the family at the new Ingres Bourdelle museum

Booklet games
A logbook is available free of charge at the reception to visit the museum with your family and have fun!

Museum holidays
During the holidays, children have the opportunity to participate in workshops around permanent collections and temporary exhibitions. These workshops allow to deepen the discovery of the collections through a theme.
On reservation
Price: € 5

Internships at the museum
The museum organizes meetings with artists around a plastic practice and for different types of audiences.
On reservation
Price: 16 €

My birthday at the museum Ingres Bourdelle
Children can come and celebrate their birthday at the museum with their parents and friends. A treasure hunt through the rooms allows them to go in search of a mysterious tableau that will lead them to the treasure that we all share together around a snack.
On reservation
Participation per child: 8 €
(min 5 children, max 10)