Great Tourist Sites in Occitanie

Montauban, Great Tourist Sites in Occitanie Land of plenty

100 Taur, a visual artist from the city, reveals his tips for discovering Montauban, one of the 39 Great Sites in Occitanie / South of France.

Montauban is considered to be the eldest "new middle-age town" in the southwestern of France.

The town is made with pink bricks and the Tarn offers it a magnificent mirror. It is also the birthplace of Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres and Antoine Bourdelle...

"There is always a Great Site near you! From the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean in the heart of Occitania, discover the 40 Great Sites Occitania / South of France that are the wealth of the region."

Must seen spots, we invite you to discover these towns, villages and historical sites, art works and natural places...

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