1000 years of History

On the 1st floor of the former Jesuit college, discover the history and heritage of the city in the heart of a stunning and contemporary scenography.

Since 1985, the ministry of Culture and Communication in association with the regional communities, initiated a series of policies that support local heritage and architecture under the banner "City or Territory of Art and History".

The national council of the Cities and Territories of Art and History was founded in 1995. It sets the policy  for this nation-wide body which has at its core the following objectives:

  • To raise public awareness of the local environment and to promote a high standard of tourism
  • To introduce young people to the evolution of the local architecture, heritage and urban planning
  • To present the city's or the territory's heritage or architecture in a Centre dedicated to these aims

Montauban has been part of the national network of Cities and Territories of Art and History since 1998. Today the network numbering 186 Cities and Territories offers you their local knowledge throughout France.