Rue des Carmes, Montauban

Heart of the city

look up, let yourself be guided
From alleyways, admire the warm facades and charming shutters that make you look up.
To discover

during your stroll

The colorful graphics and sculptures, punctuate your stroll with artistic encounters. The bells of the cathedral rock your stroll to the intimate squares, to share a drink or a tasting. Pastry shops, chocolate shops, cheese shops, wine shops, perfume shops, soap shops, nuggets of accessories or ready-to-wear, … unearth your treasures in this brick setting.


A real open-air shopping mall, Montauban’s downtown invites you to discover small shops that are easily described as “pites“. Clothing, games, food shops, soap factory or old-fashioned drugstore… The diversity of the offer will surprise you.

Laurène, residence advisor

The history of the city

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