Around Montauban

Grand Montauban is made up of 11 communes

Albefeuille-Lagarde, Bressols, Corbarieu, Escatalens, Lacourt-Saint-Pierre, Lamothe-Capdeville, Montauban, Montbeton, Reyniès, Saint-Nauphary and Villemade.

The Occitan region is surrounded by three rivers : Tarn, Aveyron et Tescou. The landscape is varied and offers the visitor plenty of activities.

Rolling countryside between fields and woods, Grand Montauban can be explored by unconventional means but also by lacing up your walking shoes or mounting your bicycle.

Between sport and culture, there is something for everyone.

Who could imagine that there is a beach at Lamothe Capdeville that goes by the pretty name, la plage d'Ardus (the Ardus Beach)? How can you resist the charm of the church in Montbeton that awaits you just after the bend in the road at the entrance to the village? And why not take a day trip to the côté de Reyniès for a gorgeous hike?

After fully exploring Montauban, it is now time to get some fresh air in the nearby countryside. The community that makes up Grand Montauban consists of nine communes : Albefeuille Lagarde, Bressols, Corbarieu, Lamothe Capdeville, Montbeton, Saint-Nauphary, Reyniès, Villemade and Montauban.

At this point, we recommend that you take your car even though there are buses that serve most of the territory.  A stunning landscape filled with orchards and forests line the roads and stretch out as far as the eye can see.

There are plenty of things to do and see all within a ten kilometre radius of Montauban. For nature lovers, families, history buffs, people seeking offbeat attractions, or the tranquillity of the countryside;  the region has plenty of surprises in store for you. From June through September the local villages organise festivals that animate the summer evenings.