Young audience show / Au bord de la forêt du souffle

Theatre at Montauban

13.10.2019 au bord foret.jpg
  • Young audience show from 3 years old (duration 45 mn)

    Solia is a Fulani flute. She lives with his family in the forest of breath ... One day, she perceives a sound never heard before! From then on, she never stops trying to discover what other instrument is hidden behind this beautiful melody. This quest leads him on an adventure rich in emotions, full of discovery and music! The decor is set and the atmosphere of the forest is built from the beginning live. Each instrument that comes in is played to illustrate the meetings of Solia: the flute that speaks and sings ... These meetings give rise to a musical discussion between the instruments, translated by the musician! They make Solia stronger and wiser. This little mischievous flute who will also need the public to progress ...
  • Rates
  • Full-fare
    8 €
  • Reduce rate
    6 €
  • On October 13, 2019 at 10:00 AM and at 5:00 PM