When technology meets the living arts

Local event ,  Cultural ,  Workshops at Montauban

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  • Creative weekend with the support of Adami. In 2015, Adami launched a program to promote the link between artistic creation and technological innovation. During the creative weekend taking place at Eurythmy, creatives from all walks of life (musicians, actors, dancers, circus artists, directors, makers, show technicians, videographers) are invited to work together with scientists and actors from new technologies. Moments of collaboration, sharing, research and collective emulation aimed at encouraging innovation in artistic matters to invent the modes of scenic interpretation of tomorrow. At the end of this collective creation weekend, an in situ restitution of the works, taking the form of stage performances, installations and demonstrations of innovative projects, is organized in public. A service company for performers, Adami manages rights, financially helps projects, defends interests and supports the careers of more than 100,000 actors, musicians, singers, dancers ... Public performance: Sunday, September 27 at 6 p.m. .
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  • Free
  • From September 25, 2020 until September 27, 2020