Un cœur simple

Theatre at Montauban

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  • Saturday, March 7 / 20:30 / duration 1:20 And if we plunged into the first decades of the nineteenth century and a szervante came to tell us his modest life, his half-century of servitude. Felicity is a good soul ... And if the daily life of this woman simply paraphrased us like the life of our ancestors: those of our great great-grandparents ... so far and so close. And if we look at the simple things in life: the love of others, the desire to do well, the sense of responsibility ... This is the story that Flaubert describes in his short story "A simple heart "It is this servant that Isabella Andréani embodies, with all its emotional power, it is this meeting that Xavier Lemaire staged. Did you know . A simple heart is named at Molières 2019 in the category "Alone on Stage" as part of the Olympe de Gouges Days. The press: "Petri of humanity and dignity, this simple heart proves that the lives of nothing are not lives for nothing" L'Express "A rare actress. Theatrical Magazine
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  • On March 7, 2020 at 8:30 PM