TRÉVISAN – Monochrome exhibition

Exhibition at Montauban

02.05.19 au 28.05.19 exposition televisan.jpg
  • "Black and white photography is the most familiar example of a monochrome color representation of things (gray-based)" Fabrice MILOCHAU See in black and white is mainly to imagine the appearance of shapes, volumes and textures after the color has been eliminated. Why Monochrome? In image processing software, "monochrome" is the function that transforms the color image into a black and white image. Any observer looks at a photograph focusing on what is of interest to him. In this spirit, two things seem to predominate. Where was this picture made? What did the author want to show? The place and the intention. Once your reading of the image is completed and for which you have sought to satisfy your curiosity about the place photographed, as well as the intention of the photographer, you can return the box at the bottom of the frame. So you can check the place of shooting. The visible sentence for each of the 33 images is a quote from a photographer. Quote that, for me, seemed the closest to the state of mind of Gérard TREVISSAN at the time of release and during the processing of this image. "Pascal BONAFOUS, about the work of Titian said: The painting begins when what we see has nothing to do with what we look at." Could not we say the same thing for photography?
  • From May 2, 2019 until May 28, 2019