Literature at Montauban

10.04.19 travelling.jpg
  • Wednesday April 10th at 7pm At the bookshop La femme fox, 21 rue de la Republique - Montauban (82) Traveling Meeting with Christian Garcin and Tanguy Viel around the publication of their book Traveling by JC Lattes. After a preview presentation at the Festival Lettres d'Automne 2018, Christian Garcin and Tanguy Viel return to Montauban on the occasion of the publication of their book Traveling (editions JC Lattès). This time, it's at the La femme fox bookstore that the public will be able to talk with the two writers about their journey to romanticism: take a complete tour of the northern hemisphere without ever taking a plane. Narrated from this journey, enriched with facetious inventories and "letters to a friend" recounting unusual encounters, Traveling is above all an unforgettable literary meditation on the journey, our relationship to space and time, the confrontation between the real and what we imagine. Information and reservations: Confluences, 05 63 63 57 62,
  • On April 10, 2019 at 7:00 PM