Théâtre "Ma comédie Française"

Theatre at Montauban

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  • My Comédie Française Cie Castles in Spain Theater The adventures and misadventures of Ferdinand Quetsh. Jean-Marie Galey was a resident of the Comédie Française in the 2000s. Today, he draws a jubilant and always corrosive spectacle. He revives the few famous emblematic characters of the House of Molière, surrounded by their most symptomatic courtiers. The show is like the story of the adventures of a naive named Ferdinand Quetsh - in reference to the brave soldier Schweik Bertold Brecht - in the largest troop in France. A saga in the form of a monologue where are evoked the events that made the salt of his stay in French. "This is," he says, "an introspection in the depths of what my experience has brought me about the place reserved for the human within the institution. Let us mean the institutions whatever they are: couple, family, business ... By taking the side of humor, I want to clarify! For, at bottom, these adventures have no importance but that which we wish to bestow on them. .... And if, he adds, one can find in form a vague relationship with Philippe Caubère, I would rather go to Dario Fo ". All public Duration: 1h30 Full price: 15 € Reduced price 13 € (Cézam card, members of the Amis du Théâtre), 10 € (Slam card)
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  • On June 19, 2019 at 8:30 PM