Théâtre Dom Juan 2.0

Theatre at Montauban

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  • Dom Juan 2.0 Cie Asphodels Theater Because beyond drama and despair, there is laughter and poetry ... Version 2.0: seven actors, five men and two women, perform this comedy with twenty roles . Dom Juan a very special piece that could be called black comedy as tragic scenes and desperate are illuminated by the funny situations. It is a real tragi-comedy strong, intelligent, overwhelming and we interpret it in the style of the commedia dell'arte because, contrary to the label which is most often given to it, the latter is not only doomed to laughter, but more to an alternation of comedy and drama. All public Duration: 1h30 Full price: 15 € Reduced price 13 € (Cézam card, members of the Amis du Théâtre), 10 € (Slam card)
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  • Full-fare
    15 €
  • On May 15, 2019 at 8:30 PM