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  • "The Game of Love and Chance" Formula "Dinner-Show" By the Embellished Company To better observe his future wife, a young man imagines to come to her in the livery of his valet who himself will dress as a master; The girl, for her part, had the same idea, and pretends to be her maid, who herself will play her part. Chance has opened the game to love, and the game of love is to go as well where we did not expect it. While respecting the codes of propriety of his time - at the end the masters will finish together, and the valets will resume their subordinate position - Marivaux, in this comedy with sparkling dialogues, questions the established order and social prejudices by inverting the master- valets. This masterpiece by Marivaux seduces with the harmonious balance between a dramatic form inspired by the Italian comedy and a plot of bourgeois drama. A charming banter? Without a doubt. But who is not without questions: is love really natural? Does he ignore social barriers? Is everyone worth what he or she looks like? The Game of love and chance leads us beyond the marivaudage: it is a trifle that is well worth thinking about ... Proposed menu: Salmon tartare, on its bed of celery and fennel Or Camembert roasted in dried fruit crust on its pears salad ***** Duck Parmentier and its green vegetables Or Fillet of fish, sweet wine emulsion ***** Light cheese-cake Programming: Meal from 19:00 Show at 9:30 pm Place: L'Art'Saveurs Restaurant - 1 place Saint-Orens, 82000 MONTAUBAN Reservation strongly recommended - Limited places Price: 35 euros (meal included) Contact us on +33 (0) 5 63 63 45 01 or by mail: contact @
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