The temptation of octopuses

Show at Montauban

01.01.20 au 21.12.20 entre mémoire et innovation transmettre.jpg
  • Creation for a cook, four musicians and a hundred guests. On the tray, a cutting table, hobs, sink, tables and chairs on which the spectators sit. The chef embarks on his bourride of small cuttlefish. He cuts, cuts, browns, deglazes. The public is immersed in the scenography and in the sound: cooking music, La Tentation des pieuvres brings all of our senses together. This creation literally combines music, cooking, taste arts and stage performance. It brings together all the senses of spectators and performers gathered in the same device, and invites them to an original artistic and social experience. She uses polyphonic writing, in which the different artistic fields are structurally "in correspondence".
  • From October 30, 2020 until October 31, 2020