The Royal Circus celebrates 250 years

Circus at Montauban

25.04.2018 au 06.05.2018 cirque royal.jpg
  • "And yes, this year the Traditional Circus is celebrating its 250th anniversary 1768-2018 For the world of entertainment it's a real privilege to be able to celebrate the art of the track through time and time ... The Circus is a true cultural heritage that unites us all for a great time.Then celebrate together this anniversary show! After triumphing everywhere in France last year, come and marvel under our big top to discover our new creation ... Unique in France! 2 numbers of Fauves! With: Tigers of Siberia, Tigers of Bengal, Lions, Lionesses, and exclusively, KING, the rare Tiger of Snows.Number of exceptions will be proposed to you by many young talents: Prowess graceful, elegant and technical to the aerial frame, fantastic Hula-Hoop number ... Discover one of the largest group of exotic animals ever presented on the track Opening of the ballai with Camels and Camels, followed of our Lamas and Falabelas, arriving in Africa with the ostrich dances. Attention it is not finished! Surprise of size ... Unique in Europe, the Hippopotamus of two tons! Your friends the Kings of Laughter, the famous Clowns duo WILLY and DEDE! Go back to the purest tradition of the circus. In total freedom, the equestrian carousel under the barrage of Monsieur Kerwich himself. Awarded at the International Circus Festival of Vaucouleurs, Antipodites-Sister's will train you in a juggling presentation with your feet! Many other surprises all more surprising than marvelous await you for 1:45 of SHOW! "