The Ingres Museum at the former College

Exhibition at Montauban

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  • This EXHIBITION, reveals the creative processes, "from the idea to the work", of Ingres and Bourdelle. Jesus among the Doctors and The Birth of the Muses allow to illustrate the "factory" of history painting in Ingres: paintings, preparatory drawings but also Greek ceramics in which the painter drew a part of his inspiration. The second section devoted to Ingres gives the opportunity to take an interest in the elaboration of his portraits: self-portraits, portraits of Madame Moitessier and Madame Gonse, for whom the collections of Montalban have given rise to the artist's research. The presentation of his painting cabinet plunges the visitor into the intimacy of the artist's studio. A gallery of carved portraits of Bourdelle returns to the role held by personalities of Montauban who encouraged him: Auguste Quercy, Madame Michelet or Professor Rousset. The sculptor's technique is approached by the presentation of his tools and by two plaster bas-reliefs from the Champs-Élysées theater, whose museum also has small models. Finally, among the many public monuments made by Bourdelle, we focus on the genesis of the Monument to the Dead, Fighters and Servants of the Tarn-et-Garonne from 1870-1871 through the studies and sketches in bronze
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