Terre de lune 82 - opera - story

Opera at Montauban

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  • Terre de Lune 82 is an opera-story for all, which evokes with poetry and humor the upset love of the moon and the sun and the influence of the lunar star on our earthly life. This project is exceptional for more than one reason. First of all, by its size: there will be a hundred people on stage singing and dancing in front of the amazed eyes of young and old. But if it makes the difference, it is also because these artists are not banal beings. They all live in Tarn-et-Garonne and are accompanied by specialized structures in support of disabled people. For 9 months, supervised by the five singers and professional musicians of Ensemble Thalia, they initiated themselves in joy and patience to the requirement of the profession of artist. A partnership between the ADDA 82 and the City of Montauban allows to give this show to the Theater Olympe Gouges.
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  • Free