Teach to live - cinema debate

Cinema at Montauban

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  • How to make pedagogy rhyme with pleasure to transmit? How can young people excluded from the education system, "dropouts", become creative beings, eager to learn? How can a high school or college be a place where freedom is combined with responsibility, where the acquisition of knowledge goes hand in hand with the learning of life in society? Edgar Morin and director Abraham Ségal find concrete answers by discovering invigorating experiences, by contacting students and educational teams. Teach to live! puts Edgar Morin's ideas into perspective on another possible education and innovative practices in five public institutions: the creativity and vitality of young people echo the complex and generous thought of the philosopher ... The evening will be animated by Les Hummingbirds 82 and the association SER (Support-Eclairer-Relier). Duration: 1h30
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