Show at Montauban

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  • Free access, subject to availability. Author, composer: Edmony Krater. The Tanbou show with Edmony Krater author, composer is a musical tale from the CD-book "Tanbou" published by Syros editions. It is the meeting of Donga, son of a "brown negro", with Marie, a little schoolgirl to whom he will tell the story of his ancestors through the drum "KA" (traditional percussion of Guadeloupe) and the song " At the clear fountain ", revisited in different musical styles. The strength of this show lies above all in the irresistible way of training and associating children, real actors in the musical history told to them. A very good time to live and to feel for the greatest pleasure of the senses.
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  • Free
  • On July 23, 2019 at 2:30 PM