Tagada Jones & Opium du peuple - Rio Grande

Concert at Montauban

21.09.18  tagada jones - rio grande.jpg
  • - Already more than 20 years that "Tagada Jones" travels the national and international scenes with his Punk-Hardcore. The band went through 25 countries, produced 9 studio albums and burned the boards more than 1800 times! "Tagada Jones" is also a social conscience, a political commitment and above all a reference in terms of independence. Worthy heirs of the French alternative scene, they are recognized by their predecessors (Bérurier Noir, Parabellum, Shériff ...) as the incarnation of the French "do it yourself". Finding the perfect balance between sharpened sociopolitical awareness and sonic virulence, carried by unifying refrains, biting guitars and overpowering choirs, "Tagada Jones" is the spearhead of the French punk-hardcore scene. - Opium of the people. 7 crazy musicians who dress up the variety and classics of French chanson in the colors of rock, punk and metal ... On stage? You will take full ears and eyes.
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  • On September 21, 2018 at 21:00