Roger McGowen: sentenced to death

Cinema at Montauban

  • Under the leadership of Bernard Montaud (writer and founder of ARTAS), then touched by the secular spirituality of Roger McGowen and the gift of his being to those who need it most, we are a group of young women and young people men who decided to found together an association - The Red Roses on Bitumen - with the intention of supporting its actions towards the inmates of Huntsville Prison. "The only prisoners are those who are chained by the limits of their minds." Roger McGowen What does RRSB mean (Red Roses on Bitumen)? We are "Red Roses on Bitumen" because the red roses represent the delicacy of Roger McGowen's actions, and the bitumen represents the harshness of the living conditions in prison. This reflects the goal of Roger's actions that we support: to make love bloom and share in a place where living conditions are so difficult. We are also Red Roses On Bitumen because the initial of each word corresponds to one of the founders of this adventure. It's a way to honor them. R R like Roger McGowen R R like Ronald Radford S S like Sanjy Ramboatiana B B like Bernard Montaud
  • On December 12, 2019 at 7:30 PM