Radio Elvis + Renarde concert

Concert at Montauban

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  • RADIO ELVIS These boys are Pierre Guénard, Manu Ralambo and Colin Russeil. The three members of Radio Elvis rub shoulders with the second album, after a first test plebiscite (The Conquests in 2016, elected "Album Revelation" at Victoires de la Musique 2017) and a tour that saw them redefine and consolidate their fundamentals. Without a mask or artifice, their new sound immediately grabs the listener by the collar, strong new influences obviously very New York. The band listened a lot to Talking Heads and that's fine. Without filter, Radio Elvis gives itself the beautiful freedom to place its poetic songs between rock, punk and pop. Affirming his style with greater ease, and an assurance that does not exclude fragility, the group tells the loneliness of large cities, capitals "all the same become" as Bashung sang on the words of Manset. It's also Arcade Fire's Suburbs that this meta-modern loneliness sings with a mixture of risk and intimacy. The other big attraction of this intense album is its baroque and dark romanticism, with a Bouquet of Immortelles and poisonous flowers as picked in the garden of Nick Cave and its bad seeds. To record on tape his new cravings infused on the road, Radio Elvis turned to one of the best studio wizards in France, Pierrick Devin, a friend of Alex Gopher and with whom, via Phoenix, boys share a pop sensibility ... But it is above all the audacity and envy of new codes that they went to Pierrick Devin who was working on Lomepal's last album. Together, they developed a very assumptive sound, all rhythmic out and voice forward. Modesty is diminished and the style is lightened by its metaphors, giving the texts of this second album the spontaneity and simplicity necessary for emotion. These boys, no doubt are possible, are part of a tradition that winds in the interwoven electric French pop, unifying, singular, irresistible. RENARDE Here's the brand new project by Bruno Dibra, Gabelt's former singer. If we had to place Vixen between two musical projects, it would be very close to BB Brunes and Fire! Chatterton. If you know Juniore, you will also find some of this spirit in the instrumentalisation. His songs speak of love, of stories that tear and leave traces as on the white t-shirts of the musicians.
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  • On March 15, 2019 at 21:00