Projection - rencontre "En genres & en ombres"

Cultural ,  Local event ,  Animations ,  Cinema ,  Literature at Montauban

27.02.2020. en genres et en ombres.jpg
  • Projection - meeting "In genres & in shadows" followed by a meeting with Camille Marceau, visual artist, videographer and actress Resonance anchored and sensitive on the theme of equality between men and women, in genres and in shadows collects the word, in a concern for a demanding and benevolent look, like an inventory, a snapshot of what is said about girls & boys, the difference in the roles imposed by society, and their consequences. these words are compared with the faces and the bodies, like those of the dancers for example, who express themselves beyond the words, in their diversity, their singularity and their poetic presence, which express a state in the world far beyond their gendered assignment. Auditorium - free entry
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  • On February 27, 2020 at 7:00 PM