Plateau d'humour

Show at Montauban

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  • HUMOR What better than a good triple dose of humor for back to school? What do you think? Do you like one-man show? With this custom-made humor tray, you'll be served! Felix Dhjan, Romain Barrera and Timothé Poissonnet put their talents at the service of the fun. Prepare your zygomatic, laughter assured! TIMOTHE POISSONNET Timothé Poissonnet is a complete, tender and generous artist. He knows how to lift the weight of our modern society to make them whirl in his jar ... and finally to make them fly! Out of time and anchored in memories, this breathless face to face will hypnotize you literally. Like this company "zapping" in which everything goes very fast, has fun, and finally joins, Timothé Poissonnet surprises you throughout his show thanks to his style, unique in its kind: sequential humor . FELIX DHJAN Percutant, crazy, acidic, energetic, satirical, a sharp feather! Felix smuggled words, handled the absurd, pointed with satire, attracted laughter by his mimicry and thorny texts. His show hosts a concentration of sharp characters to the acidulous valve that stings under the tongue, all boosted by a contagious energy. Felix has been given the mission to bring joy, remains to know by which means ...! ROMAIN BARREDA Why does not anyone tell Santa that children do not exist? Why do we forbid people with disabilities to park in normal places? Why the rich are dishonest and the poor would like to be dishonest? So many questions that Romain Barreda will not answer. He will prefer to take you beyond "Good" and "Evil" where life is good, mixing his slices of life with his memories "fantasized" with a black humor, end, caustic and absurd! In the manner of a crazy painter, the characters he interprets you will be familiar, because taken from a true story, yours! Rates: 17 € / 14 €
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    17 €
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    14 €
  • On September 28, 2019