Show at Montauban

23.06.2019 Planetastic.jpg
  • MUSICAL COMEDY Little magic voice and the VO present their end-of-the-year show: Planetastic! In the cosmos, the inhabitants of the Binioc and Nickel Chrome planets live their lives peacefully. One night, while everyone sleeps, masked individuals turn the planets upside down, and the inhabitants wake up under a mountain of rubbish. At first convinced that it is about the neighboring planet, they accuse each other. However, after a while they realize that the culprits are certainly the inhabitants of the land located only a few light years away from their two planets. Then follows a quest for a better world, where pollution does not exist ... Come and discover this show created by 10 young singing enthusiasts who through an offbeat staging and many musical covers will make you travel without missing to question you ...
  • Rates
  • Full-fare
    5 €
  • On June 23, 2019 at 5:00 PM