Piero ou l'équilibre - lecture et projection

Lecture at Montauban

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  • Text and reading: Christian Garcin (Editions L'Escampette, 2004) "It was called della Francesca by the name of his mother.His father was a cobbler whose Vasari tells us that he died when his wife was still pregnant, which is false It is said that the child was very early gifted for mathematics, and that very early he knew that he would be a painter, his desire was to represent what his eyes saw, without restriction, and without idealization: only the visible, but all the visible ". With this luminous text, the guest of honor of Autumn Letters, Christian Garcin, invites us in the footsteps of Piero della Francesca, major master of Italian painting of the fifteenth century whose frescoes and paintings confront us with "l ' enigma of looks and that of time "
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