Paul Duchein "waking dreams"

Exhibition at Montauban

06.02.20 au 29.02.20 paul duchein.jpeg
  • The BLANDINE ROQUES GALLERY presents its new exhibition to you: PAUL DUCHEIN "Daydreams" Paul Duchein was born in 1930 in Rabastens. From the age of 14, Paul Duchein started painting, but considered becoming a pharmacist. After his studies, and in parallel with his profession, he continued to be interested in artistic creation in all its forms. He organizes exhibitions, writes, and is passionate about art brut, folk art and primitive art. His meeting with François Mathey, curator of the Museum of Decorative Arts, will be decisive. The painter Jacques Hérold and the gallery owner Alphonse Chave will encourage him to continue his artistic work. From 1966, he produced his first assemblies, as well as "boxes" and several hundred collages per thematic cycle. "I have no other ambition than that of giving birth to a little poetic feeling in a closed, theatrical, and narrative space too, of course." Paul Duchein from 6 to 29 February 2020 OPENING THURSDAY 6 FEBRUARY from 6 p.m.
  • From February 6, 2020 until February 29, 2020