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Local event ,  Young people at Montauban

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  • On the way to the Tower of Babel ... A program to discover with family, completely free, developed by Confluences in partnership with the bookstore La bateau livre, the Mémo media library and the Estivales de l'Illustration in Sarrant, as part of To go in book, the big celebration of the book for the youth which will take place from July 10 to 21 everywhere in France. Wednesday, July 17 in Montauban. Stroll tale and drawn. 10h to 12h / Departure in front of The little comedy. Walk along this surprising and fun ride with Thomas Scotto (author), Arno Célérier (author, illustrator), Camille Marceau (visual artist), librarians of the media library and their Cyclo-Memo. All the public over 5 years. On registration (limited places). Dedications 12h to 12h30 / bookstore The boat delivers with Thomas Scotto and Arno Célérier. Pop-up workshop 14h to 15h30 / bookstore The boat book Arno Célérier offers you to make a pop-up illustration, in 3D that will fold and unfold at will! Everyone from 7 years old - on registration (limited places). To us the Babel Tower 3:45 pm to 4:30 pm / Bookstore The boat delivers. Accompanied by the voice of Thomas Scotto, Arno Célérier, Camille Marceau and the children of the Social Center invite you to build a tower of Babel. Folding, assembling, drawing, layering, pop-up ... a large volume installation will be born under your fingers! All the public over 5 years. Dedication and closing taste. 16h30 to 17h / Bookshop The boat delivers. The big celebration of the youth book. 5th edition. And also from 15 to 19/07 at the Montauban Social Center. Literary siestas, games around words and books, workshops led by Camille Marceau, discovery and choice of books at the bookshop Le bateau livre. > Participation reserved for the children of the Social Center.
  • From July 10, 2019 until July 21, 2019