On ne divorce plus

Show at Montauban

04.10.19 & 05.10.19 On ne divorce plus.jpg
  • A comedy that can avoid divorce ... Or marriage! Why do not people stay together? Why did we go from the 60th wedding anniversary to the wedding at Durex for a night together? How will a couple on the brink of divorce succeed in saving their marriage? For Natalia and Marc all methods are then allowed to revive the flame, shake up their habits, and find the magic of the beginnings ... By trying anything and everything, they will first be wrong, get lost in the process of road, will they succeed in "reconnecting" to each other? An entire program. That of love in our modern world. And what would you do to save your marriage? A comedy that gives you pause and a lot to laugh! Do not miss! Rates: 17 € / 14 €
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  • From October 4, 2019 until October 5, 2019