Olivier Sauton

Show at Montauban

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  • When Fabrice Luchini becomes the theater teacher of a young, uneducated young man, one comes out on stage funny, moving, thoughtful. Olivier Sauton is a young man who dreams of becoming a comedian. Obsessed by glory and female conquests, culture is totally impervious to it. One night, chance casts him face to face with his idol, Fabrice Luchini. Culotte, he asks him to become his teacher. At first reluctant, this one accepts and will lavish on the young man three lessons of theater in the shape of lessons of life. More than just one on stage, this show is a two-character play performed by a single actor. A veritable sleight of hand, Olivier Sauton transforms himself into Fabrice Luchini and sometimes immediately goes straight to the character of Olivier Sauton; we are witnessing a real conversation, a real lively exchange, moving, comic.
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  • From November 23, 2018
    until November 24, 2018
  • Friday
    at 21:00
  • Saturday
    at 21:00