Odezenne - concert

Concert at Montauban

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  • After "Dolziger St. 2" in 2015 and the success of "on demand" tours, Odezenne returns with "Au Baccara". New piece of a song-rap puzzle that assembles cult record after cult record for ten years. Forerunner of the genre, the group gives birth again to a singular album and continues to specify its signature, outside habits. Odezenne has put his studio work in the long course to the test of spontaneity. Until Konk, the legendary Kinks studio in London where the band left two months to mix on an analog console and turn on tape. A telescoping of epochs that seals the sound of a resolutely modern album, made in the old fashioned way. Songs that continue to question the time and plant as many sets as titles. Self-proclaimed "botanical, romantic and pathetic music" on their Instagram account, Odezenne especially seems to take more and more fun to make music - and everything contributes elegantly to create a new LP where it is good to get lost. If their sound evolves, it is to better explore and put everything back into play, live "Au Baccara" is now the formula. A new album that imposes with joy its own style. Between the verve of everyday life, the chiseled emotion of the songwriters, and the dancing rhythms of our electronic era. Serene artisans of this eclecticism, Odezenne continues his creative adventure without complexes.
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  • On February 23, 2019 at 21:00