Nuages épars - cinema club

Cinema at Montauban

  • The Montauban film club organizes a film club session with the film "NUAGES ÉPARS" by Mikio Naruse (Japan, 1967) in VOSTF. Duration: 1 h 48. Yumiko, Japanese of modest origin, can not recover from the death of her husband, overturned by a car. She is brought to meet several times Mishima, responsible for the accident. The latter, steeped in guilt, would like to help him financially, so that she can live decently. Haunted by her memories, Yumiko decides to flee to her sister-in-law, not far from Lake Towada, where to her surprise she finds Mishima. The film tells a love story that is a priori impossible between a widow and the man who caused the death of her husband. It is treated with a lot of modesty, sensitivity, delicacy and tenderness, however not deprived or humor or a heartbreaking lyricism. A bitter romantic melodrama directed by a filmmaker often qualified to be interested in women who suffer in silence. Admission: members: 4 € - Non-members: 5 € (membership for a session). Students, Youth (up to 26 years old), UTAM members, AVF: 4 € - Children (up to 12 years old): 3 €.
  • Rates
  • Full-fare
    5 €
  • Reduce rate
    4 €
  • Child rate
    3 €