Nougaro Tribute

Concert at Montauban

17 Full-fare
23.05.20 Nougaro Tribute.jpg
  • A poetic journey, accessible to all, built around the influences of Claude Nougaro. In this last opus, Commando A3 offers a musical crossing taking both the path of essential standards and the groove of the B sides of Claude Nougaro. The three performers offer an accessible poetic journey between song, Hip Hop & world music. The modernity of this fusion of genres makes this tribute an original creation that will seduce aficionados as well as the public discovering the poet for the first time. The A3 commando Composed of musicians and singers from various musical backgrounds (song, improvised music, electro, classical), the Commando can say, play, sing, improvise and involve ... With François Dorembus, E.Barbery and Olivier Capelle
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  • On May 23, 2020 at 9:00 PM