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  • "They got married and wanted a lot of children". It's natural, it flows naturally ... This is what Marc believes, as he begins a day of work like any other. But an unexpected and particularly confusing meeting will upset the office routine and Marc's convictions. And to get him to ask himself the question: but by the way, why do we want to have a child? In an attempt to answer it, Damien Jayat takes us into a real theatrical comedy, nourished by human sciences and literature, confirming his status apart in the theater and humor world. He creates for this a new character, moving away from the Professor of Basic Einstein, his previous opus. Marc finally asks himself the same questions as ... all those who wonder about the choice to make (or not) a child. Except that he will be summoned to answer in front of us, as he will be able, with his personality, his family history, his cultural references ... And a liberating laugh trembles our certainties at the same time as his ...
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