Night of the Museums: Pavement Flowers - Sidewalk Foams

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  • Installation of visual artists Anouck Durand-Gasselin and Maylis Turtaut, in the framework of the theme 2018 "Living the City, Living the Earth". Inspired by the Japanese tradition, a drawing of living mosses will unfold on the floor of the courtyard of the Old College. Structured by granite paving, it will evoke micro-territories composed of different species of bryophytes and will follow a rhizomic logic. Two points of view will help to apprehend it: closer to the material and from a window-lookout, as a whole, as during a mountain walk. First photographer, Anouck Durand-Gasselin begins his research in the forest with picking and walking. The elements found are the subject of experimentations, prolonged in devices of methodical and even scientific creation. Maylis Turtaut is visual artist-gardener. His work hybridises his naturalistic and plastic skills by proposing evocations of nature, privileging the processes of evolution and transformation. During this night, also find: - The class / the work The pupils of the college Olympe de Gouge and the high school Michelet present, in connection with the works of the museum Ingres, actions throughout the evening. - Visits of the exhibition: Ingres and Bourdelle, from the idea to work with the Heritage Center's tour guides: 8 pm and 10 pm
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