Moonlight Benjamin. Siltane

Concert at Montauban

10 Full-fare
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  • Concert The Haitian Voodoo meets the music of the Black Keys or the White Stripes ... The powerful and unprecedented fusion between the voodoo melodies and rhythms of the Caribbean, and the US 70's blues rock; the shock between the powerful and rebellious voice of Moonlight Benjamin and the tension of the saturated guitars ... the voodoo trance in a new and explosive form! 12 years after his start of career (Discovery Spring 2008 Bourges in particular), and in parallel with his jazz and world music collaborations with Omar Sosa and Jacques Schwarz-Bart since 2013, Moonlight Benjamin relaunch a new personal project and a third album shot this times to more electric music, worn by the guitarist and arranger Matthis Pascaud. "The explosive vocal power of Moonlight Benjamin, the dark shadows of a sensual and poisonous blues-rock (...) a delicious poison" L'obs TARIFS: 8/10 €
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  • On February 6, 2020 at 9:00 PM