Montauban Festival in Scenes - evening of June 28

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  • Montauban Festival in Scenes - evening of June 28th. * IAM IAM resists, IAM breathes, IAM is here, this summer on the festival Montauban in Scenes. On June 28, the legendary band will stop in the city of Ingres on the occasion of the tour of his tenth album Yasuke. A record that is at once combatative, melancholy and funny; perhaps one of the most dense and introspective. * Boulevard des airs After hundreds of concerts in France and around the world, several gold and platinum records, Boulevard des Airs stops at Montauban en Scènes this summer. In the program of heady melodies, a poignant text and an electro touch, here is the signature Boulevard des Airs. * Klingande Electro house fans will be delighted with the arrival of Klingande. The innovative melodies of the tracks of French DJ Cédric Steinmyller, a pioneer in his field, have already won over millions of fans around the world.
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  • On June 28, 2020