Montauban Festival in Scenes - evening of June 26, 2020

Music ,  Concert ,  Festival at Montauban

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  • Festival Montauban en Scènes - evening of June 26, 2020 * Rivo * Eva Queen After the success of her first single Mood certified gold record, then her title On Fleek in collaboration with Lartiste, Eva is the new rising singer of the urban scene . On June 26, she will make festival-goers sing and dance on her hits, which already have millions of views on the Internet. * Soprano Soprano gives an appointment to the festival-goers of Montauban en Scènes for one of the last dates of the Phoenix Tour, with slogans, party, love and peace! No hesitation to reserve your place for this exceptional evening and experience Cosmopolitania before it is too late.
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  • On June 26, 2020