Montauban en Scènes Off: july the 6th

Concert at Montauban

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  • In the courtyard of the Old College 20h BLOCK PARTY A Block Party is a neighborhood party that brings together locals and local artists. These evenings greatly contributed to the emergence of hip-hop culture. That of Montauban will not derogate from tradition, Dee jaying, Bboying, Graffiti, Beatbox and MC are on the program with Tigre, painter Montalban; Playmo, Montalban professional dancer, French champion in the title of Break; Antibio Therapetik, scratcher outstanding; Ajani, young and talented boxer beat (probably one of the real surprises of the evening); Mot-Dit, organizer of slam nights in Montauban. On the stage of Jardin des Plantes 20h30 HOT SWING DADDIES 6 musicians who bring together their rich and long experience in the field of jazz. A high-flying sextet that offers a 40-50 swing repertoire (Glen Miller, Basie Count, Louis Jourdan, ...) to dance or listen to timeless music in an original orchestration. On the stage of the Place Nationale 19h ÉYAL Éyal, it's his name, lives in Toulouse. Author-composer, it is an artist of the new French song finding his inspiration between a Michel shepherd or Ed sheeran. Electro pop sounds that blend with simplicity and sincerity in his lyrics. 9:30 pm BAZAR BELLAMY Bazar Bellamy is four seasoned musicians, thanks to their eclectic career, in groups such as Lagony, Michel Krome, El Salam and Lulu Campers Blues Band. Resolutely energetic and viscerally melodic, Bazar Bellamy claims a Rock d'en France, in phase with the hopes and doubts of the generation X, through texts where subtlety and emotion, are anchored in the raw truth of this early 21st century.
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  • On July 6, 2019 from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM