Montauban en Scènes Off: 3rd of July

Local event ,  Concert at Montauban

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  • On the stage of Place Nationale 18h FRANCE HAS AN INCREDIBLE TALENT Open stage organized in partnership with Fremantle for the official casting of the show. This year, "I'm the artist" gives way to France has an Incredible Talent! The famous show staged in Montauban to preselect the candidates who will appear in front of the jury, on the television set. The principle of the show: the candidate appears before the jury to present in 2 minutes his performance. He must surprise them, move them, entertain them etc ... If the number is hard-hitting he will be able to qualify for the semi-finals and the final and maybe win the prize of 100 000 €. France has an Incredible Talent is a multidisciplinary show! All talents are welcome and not just singing! Dance, circus, magic, acrobatics, sports, record, unusual, performance, animals ... The show is open to amateurs and professionals, alone, with family, duo, group! Do you have the profile? Register on or on 05 81 98 20 81! On the stage of Jardin des Plantes 20h FRAPPERIE Afterwork where friends, colleagues, acquaintances, professionals meet after work to sip a drink and relax, a "break" in the middle of the week, with always the good sound of the DJ to give you the smile! 9 pm FANFLURES BRASS BAND Fanflures Brass Band mixes with agility the energy of Funk / Hip Hop with the finesse of Jazz, distilling an explosive and communicative music. Straight out of the street, the BB Fanflures Jazz Funk is a highly contagious concentrate of positive energy where brass, percussion, vocals and improvisation reign supreme. Part of the band essentially street, the artistic project has evolved to a sound cut for the stage with lead vocals Hip Hop, a sound product and current, while keeping the energy and mobility of the brass band on stage.
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  • On July 3, 2019 from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM