Montauban en Scènes: 13th of july

Concert at Montauban

30.06.19 aff off.jpgMontauban en Scènes
  • In the courtyard of the Old College 19:30 BLOCK PARTY A Block Party is a neighborhood party that brings together locals and local artists. These evenings greatly contributed to the emergence of hip-hop culture. That of Montauban will not derogate from tradition, Dee jaying, Bboying, Graffiti, Beatbox and MC are on the program with Tigre, painter Montalban; Playmo, Montalban professional dancer, French champion in the title of Break; Antibio Therapetik, scratcher outstanding; Ajani, young and talented boxer beat (probably one of the real surprises of the evening); Mot-Dit, organizer of slam nights in Montauban. On the stage of the National Square 8:30 pm DAVID COSTA-COELHO & THE SMOKY JOE COMBO In 2003, David Costa-Coelho, crooner voice guitarist, hears the sublime Cab Calloway sing Zaz Zuh Zaz: "... lt seems its name was Smoky Joe ... " Stop, stop on a sound. David has just found the name of his band: The Smoky Joe Combo is born! The swing will be his crusade! David Costa-Coelho and the Smoky Joe Combo, a UFO in the current French cultural landscape, will show us once again that swing is not dead.
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  • On July 13, 2019 from 7:30 PM to 11:00 PM