Concert at Montauban

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  • Concert It's time to drop the masks and the armor A living proof that we can know both Reggiani and Mettalica, Miegeville has been giving his words to the four corners of the globe from Beijing to Los Angeles, from Clisson to Casablanca, for 20 years. always ambitious musicians (Psykup, Mopa, Agora Fidelio ...) often from hard music. With Miegeville, place to the verb and the proximity. By directly attaching the bookish object to the sound medium, he goes even further in his search for the alliance between the right word and the right tone. He renews an artistic truth sought after as an emotional Grail. Served by deep melodies inspired by the guitar of his accomplice Arnaud Barat and electro elegance from the work of Stéphane Mourgues, the text has never been so precise, through a modern and assumed French song. The author then shares his cracks and his hopes, his struggles and his renunciations, as a metronome regulated at once on the bpms and on the hearts of men. Miegeville is laid bare in a peaceful humanity. RATES: 8/10 €
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  • On April 2, 2020 at 9:00 PM