Merit and gender

Dance at Montauban

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  • As part of Gouges Olympus Days. Presentation of the winner of the 2020 Olympus de Gouges prize followed by the show Merit and genre Dance show by the Intermediate company, winner of the 2018 Olympe de Gouges award. Free Choreographer: Raphaël Olive Performers: Marion Castaillet, Bryan Montarou, Quentin Beaufils sets: Benoit Detrain Dealing with inequalities between women and men is evoking physical, psychological and symbolic space. Merit and gender opens each of these spaces as a place of communication on three levels: - A woman with two men, in the critical exposure of a society with gendered norms. - A woman and two men for the incentive to abolish all reproduction of inequalities. - A woman against two men, fighting for a social transformation of relationships of domination. Throughout the room, these spaces are reduced, intertwined, resist and become visible. They allow us to move from daily awareness to critical awareness. Information and reservations: 05 63 21 02 40
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  • Free
  • On March 3, 2020 at 8:00 PM