Marjorie Falusi in madness

Show ,  Comedy at Montauban

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  • by Cie Energies en scène Marjorie Falusi is so perched that you will be dizzy! In his One Woman Show, the comedian asks questions about today's world which is in perpetual evolution. Have you ever been jealous of a more stylish dog than you? Have you ever been cheated on too with your twin sister that you never had? Do we all agree that fighting in life is going to the tobacco bar every day to scratch a banco or an astro? Have you ever wanted to be the potatoes lost in the fries of Mac Do? Did you mothers, too, tell you not to be influenced? Why has it become an "Influencer" profession today? Do you too go crazy? Crazy of joy ! Mad with love! Mad with rage ! So come see Marjorie Falusi in madness, you will come out even more crazy! Alone on stage - Full price € 12 - Reduced price € 10 - Minimum price € 8 - Free for children under 6 (2 shows package € 20)
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    12 €
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    10 €
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    8 €
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  • On March 21, 2020 at 9:30 PM