Lulu Bris young audience

Young people at Montauban

  • Cabaret Rock from 6 years old The disconcerting recital of Lulu Bris is an extraordinary concert. The repertoire of Lulu, puppet singer and her talented acolyte reinvents the social song in a satyric and pagan atmosphere. Lulu's brazen, lighthearted character gives young and old spectators a feeling that she has nothing left to lose and lives in total freedom of behavior and purpose. But there is a catch: the public is full of children! The musician, certain that the concert will turn out badly and that Lulu will not know how to behave wants them out. On the contrary, the singer takes advantage of this opportunity to popularize in her own way * the social issues contained in their songs. It is then in a complicit relationship with the public that the impertinent Lulu Bris will "adapt" its purpose, to the delight of young and old.
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    5 €
  • On February 26, 2019 at 10:30 and at 14:30