Louise Michel exhibition

Exhibition at Montauban

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  • "The ESCLAM association invites you to discover the amazing course of LOUISE MICHEL through an exhibition composed of archives." Louise Michel, born in 1830, was the natural daughter of a servant and a chatelain. Very quickly she is revolted by the exploitation of the workers and the situation of the women. Soon she will try to contribute to their emancipation. First by becoming a "free" teacher (having refused to swear an oath to Napoleon III). It was at this time that she became associated with revolutionary circles. Then comes the war of 1870, the siege of Paris by the Prussian troops and capitulation. She participated in the uprising of the people of Paris who proclaimed the Commune and began the action by becoming a volunteer nurse and joined the masonry. She will be arrested during the bloody week. Before the judges of the Military Court she proudly claims her participation in the Commune. It was at the end of this trial that his friend Victor Hugo will dedicate his poem Viro major. Sentenced to deportation to New Caledonia, she is interested in the country, the Kanaks and organizes a school for their children. In 1880, following the amnesty of the Communards, she returned to Paris where she received a triumphal welcome. An indefatigable campaigner, she multiplies conferences, meetings, calls for revolution. When he died in 1905, 120,000 people followed his coffin from the Gare de Lyon to the Levallois-Perret cemetery. Every year, hundreds of people gather there to greet his memory.
  • From May 2, 2019 until May 28, 2019