Les transformations silencieuses

Exhibition at Montauban

Du 21.03.2019 au 13.07.2019 Transformations silencieuses.JPG
  • (the big expo) green. After having explored, turn to everything, white, red and black, the ISCID (Institut Supérieur Color Image Design) will celebrate the color green as part of the Biennale "Passage (s)". Emerald, celadon, fir, wormwood ... the green includes in its spectrum as many nuances as symbolic. These different facets will be evoked by students accompanied by guest artists, through numerous installations and exhibitions in Montauban. Green, an unstable and naturally delicate pigment, has a turbulent artistic history, like an irregular journey. Its wide symbolic field is linked to this complex course. It evokes the world of the game as well, from the green carpet of the casino to the lawns of the football stadiums, as the color defended on stage for the actors. Obtained through an oxidation process, little manageable and sometimes toxic, green is also associated with the devil and many supernatural creatures: witches, monsters whose skin it stains repulsive. yet since the nineteenth century, green is also, in the West, the incarnation of nature, it is associated with a form of purity, the great bowl of fresh air that the townspeople come to seek in the forest; by extension, the green also carries in him the idea of a revitalization, a rebirth. This idea of re-enchantment is, at the heart of the exhibition, an invitation to take a poetic look at the world around us, to detect the beautiful in the ordinary and the everyday, the nobility in what has been used, polluted , denatured. Each of the installations evokes a different territory made up of elements collected in the urban space, these universes come alive with games of lights and sounds. Suspended, anchored in the ground, they give themselves differently to the gaze. The public, often an actor of these transformations, by a gesture, a presence, activates these moving spaces and becomes an accomplice of the changes that take place before his eyes. The spaces in the margins then become new terrains of fiction, places of reverie, in which everyone can write their relationship to time and the environment.
  • Documentation
  • From March 21, 2019 until July 13, 2019